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Miller Lake Baptist Camp
A Short History of Miller Lake

  • The initial vision conceiving of a camp came from John Goetze.
  • Summer 1957
    Betty and Heinz Vogel found a property for sale at Miller Lake while camping there. That same summer, a delegation involving John Goetze, Eli Nickel, Helmut Krause, Br Vischnevski, and Br. Holtzaepfel visited the property.
  • November 1957
    A purchase was made from Curtis and Louis Corbetta who owned Summer House Camp. The property was for sale because the owner (Kurt) wanted to fund the building of a cottage. The purchase price was $2000. 10 Youth Groups from 10 churches contributed.
  • Summer 61
    First trees were cut down from the rock face to waterfront. All the trees were cut down in one day using only handsaws (no chainsaws!)
    * Another weekend was used to clean up
    * A bulldozer was hired to push the stumps out of the clearing
  • 1961-62
    Tin shed was built. Made almost exclusively of logs from the bush. Some lumber was bought for the flooring and roof slats. Completed in 2 weekends
  • 1963
    First Youngschar (Boys) camp
  • 1964
    The cottage was built. Prefabicated at a lumber yard in St. Jacobs where Andy Petz and John Meiszinger worked. Parts were delivered by truck and assembled on site. The cottage costed $700. But the siding costed another $1200.
  • Many boys + girls camps
  • 1972
    Dining hall, kitchen, washrooms added
  • 1974
    Septic system + well installed
  • 1979
    Dorm extention - pre-fabricated in church parking lot and shell constructed on one long weekend
  • 1988
    First seniors camp
  • 2000 - spring new winterized building begun
  • 2000 - late fall septic tank and lines installed
  • 2003 - Framing rooms downstairs
  • 2003-07 - Vinyl siding, framing of upstairs rooms, internal development, decor
  • Future Vision
    A winterized building that will sleep up to 28 people with fully functioning Bathrooms and Kitchen facilities for 75 or more

    To extend camping use season by providing a retreat environment durring off season times

    Winter Weekend retreats (Young Family and Young Adults have already started)